As a manager, I am the right hand of the General Manager of the restaurant and I make sure to mobilize employees to his vision. I enforces standards and make sure to develop my staff on a daily basis..I am truly an ambassador of the brand and its culture and I do not hesitate to take the necessary actions, in collaboration with my director, so that my restaurant is a destination of choice.

My main responsibilities

In collaboration with the director of the restaurant:

  • Ensure a safe work environment for all employees by monitoring mandatory certifications, training, prevention or corrective plans and setting up the health and safety committee.
  • Ensure restaurant performance by recruiting, developing and managing talent according to the Human Resources policies in force.
  • Ensure employee engagement while mobilizing employees to the company culture.
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the kitchen by enforcing the quality of food, cleanliness and compliance with standards.
  • Ensure compliance with guidelines for national marketing while providing an understanding and support to the team.
  • Provide an extraordinary customer experience by taking care of the atmosphere, serving steps and participating in any tasks to provide a good service to customers.
  • Support the brewer, collaborate with the Brewery team and ensure the good service of the beer by developing a culture of beer
  • Ensure administrative and operational tasks such as petty cash management, disbursement of servers, maintenance, payroll management, results monitoring, etc.
  • Plan, implement, track and adjust action plans and reports to achieve restaurant goals
  • Plan schedules using available tools and track labor productivity

The skills to succeed in my role Leadership
I have the ability to bring my staff to provide the best of themselves. I am able to share my vision and expectations effectively while ensuring the support of all my employees. I demonstrate managerial courage when necessary and take the time to listen to the needs of my team members.

I understand that the company must achieve results to ensure its sustainability and that this is one of my main responsibilities. I understand key performance indicators, their impact on my restaurant and the need to take action to control them. Each of my decisions are made considering the results

Gestion du temps et des priorités
I have to compose with my daily priorities, whether they are planned or not. I know how to prioritize them according to their urgency and according to the available time. I understand that to manage all these priorities, I must delegate effectively to my staff.

The development of my employees is without a doubt one of my ultimate responsibilities. I take a coaching and mentoring approach to my team and offer them opportunities to become better. I understand that the more the skills of my collaborators are developed, the more effective they will be. It will be easier for me to delegate tasks and rely on them if they have a greater level of expertise.


I am truly a team player and I understand that at some point I have to get involved where there is a need. Whether in the kitchen or serving, I am able to occupy the functions of most positions in restaurants.

Client orientation
Customers are at the center of all the decisions I make and all the actions I take. They are truly our raison d'être and I want to make sure that I offer them extraordinary customer service at all times. I see customer complaints as an opportunity for improvement and I do not hesitate to intervene with my staff to ensure good customer service.