You are passionate about beer and have the ultimate responsibility of creating quality beer that will appeal to our guests. You are a beer ambassador, both with your colleagues and with our guests. You act as a coach with your collaborators so that they have a good understanding of the production and service of beer.

Your main responsibilities

· Produce beer according to quality standards, from ordering materials to guests' glasses.

· Manage inventory and volumes by ordering and receiving the necessary products

· Maintain equipment and communicate issues to responsible people.

· Ensure the cleanliness of equipment and beer making spaces.

· Perform the monthly self-assessment, create an action plan within 24 hours of the self-assessment and communicate it accordingly.

· Participate in the training of employees by developing their knowledge of beer, by sharing the passion for beer and by participating in daily meetings.

· Be an integral part of the management team by monitoring sales, profits and participating in management meetings

· Be at the heart of the customer experience by proposing and planning events, being a beer ambassador and, when possible, connecting with customers.

· Help other location when needed

The skills to succeed in your role

You have a real passion for beer and love to further your beer knowledge. You can talk about beer up and down as much to connoisseurs as to new beer drinkers. You show leadership when you talk about beer and can show people how to embrace your passion.

Anaytical and synthetical mind

You show great attention to detail and want the beer you produce to please our guests and be of the highest quality. You are auto-critical and see all areas of improvement in your process as opportunities. You are able to clearly discern and explain your results and your projects.

Sense of organization
You understand that you must have qualitative and quantitative consistency in the production of beer. This is why you have adopted many organizational techniques that allow you to be independent in your work and achieve your goals. With experience, you have developed a sense of priorities and urgency that push you to adopt a multitasking approach.

Communication skills
You communicate your ideas clearly to your colleagues and use tact to help them grow their knowledge of beer. You are open-minded when people talk to you about beer and have no trouble adapting to other people in order to make yourself understood.

The ability to work in a team
You are aware that our team is the strength of the restaurant and that it is a precious advantage in your work. You make sure to listen to your team and give feedback so that all of your colleagues are proud to be beer ambassadors. You are also keen to help your fellow brewers in other restaurants.