The customer experience is at the heart of all my actions and I am passionate about the service. I absolutely want my customers to have the best experience possible, in connection with the standards of 3 Brewers. I like to make a difference to them and I make sure they experience a good time from their arrival until their departure. I am an ambassador of the brand and I work with my team so that our customers have a user-friendly experience.

My main responsibilities

• Offer an extraordinary customer experience at all times by applying established standards

• Support each step of service by ensuring customer satisfaction, listening to them and taking action as needed

• Greet customers in a friendly way and learn about their needs

• Promote the brewer's tap, the beer of the moment or the beers that can please the customers and ensure the Best Service of Beer according to established standards

• Create envy by offering appetizers, main courses and desserts while offering appetizing beer-meal pairings

• Take orders accurately, transmit them to the kitchen and ensure their follow-up

• Ensuring the flawless presentation of dishes and their accuracy and serving them according to established standards

• Set tables according to established standards and ensure cleanliness before, during and after the service.

• Promote programs, promotions, and the loyalty card

• Advise customers in their choices in case of hesitation and offer them beer samples as needed

• Validate the distribution of invoices and make payments according to established standards

• Ensure the cleanliness of the workspaces and the restaurant

• Be visible and available to customers at all times

• Be a team player supporting his colleagues when needed

The skills to succeed in my role

Ability to communicate

I communicate my ideas clearly and I know how to adapt to my interlocutors in order to make me understand. I express myself in a structured way and it is easy for me to accurately describe the beers and dishes we offer. Since I work in a field that fascinates me, it is easy for me to convey my passion and envy to my clients.

Client orientation

I am committed to providing the best possible experience to my clients and directing each of my actions in this direction. I have a sincere desire to get in touch with my clients and to make them live a convivial experience that will make them want to come back to see me. I am smiling, courteous and considerate of them. I make sure they never miss anything and I like to take the extra step to offer them the best. I really consider myself an ambassador of the brand.

The ability to work in a team

I am aware that my team is the strength of my restaurant and that it is a valuable asset in my work. I make sure to pay attention to it and ask for help when needed to ensure an extraordinary experience for our clients. I am a team player who wants to help his colleagues as much as possible.

Ability to multitask

I understand that the environment in which I work is intense and that is why I have adopted many techniques that allow me to optimize my time. I have developed a sense of priorities and urgency allowing me to organize my tasks so as to make them as effective as possible. I make every single one of my journeys optimal by doing as many tasks as I can, while ensuring excellent customer service.

Ability to solve problems

I care about the satisfaction of my clients and I see each of their requests as an opportunity to offer them an extraordinary experience. I am open-minded and flexible about their requests and I promptly propose solutions that can satisfy them. When I'm not sure of the solutions to offer them, I do not hesitate to ask my colleagues or my managers for help.