Acting under management, the supervisor is responsible for supporting the management and supervision of the staff in their performance and delegated tasks. He/she is a passionate ambassador: he/she represents senior management and above all the image of the brand. All his actions and decisions are based on the success of the team, the quality of the service and the well-being of the customer and the employees. His mission is to ensure the best performance of the team.

Primary Responsibilities:

- Ensure that the quality and atmosphere of the service period is up to the standards set by the company and management.

- Manage workflow and ensure smooth and efficient service.

- Evaluate daily performance through actions and observations and provide coaching.

- Assist in identifying opportunities for career advancement in others.

- Participate in the resolution of employee issues and conflicts.

- Ensure quality control. Standards, protocols and regulations are followed and adhered to.

- Communicates organizational needs related to the department to ensure that all employees are placed in the best position to succeed.

- Supervise and be a point of reference for employees. Provide guidance, support and compassion.

- Intervene to assist the management team when the time calls for it.

- Manage the relationship between staff and the organization. Be a link between the team and management.

Competencies for success in the role


I have the ability to inspire my staff to be their best. I am able to share my vision and expectations effectively while ensuring buy-in from all my colleagues. I take the time to listen to the needs of my colleagues and I am a point of reference.


The development of my colleagues is without a doubt one of my ultimate responsibilities. I take a coaching and mentoring approach to my team and provide them with opportunities to become better. I understand that the more my colleagues' skills are developed, the more effective they will be.


I understand that the company must achieve results to ensure its sustainability and that this is one of my primary responsibilities. Every decision I make is based on the results of the restaurant and the goals set for me. I understand that the employee, the customer and the brand image are a priority and at the heart of every decision and action. I have good conflict resolution skills capable of maintaining and improving organizational productivity.

Time and priority management

I have to deal with many priorities on a daily basis, both planned and unplanned. I know how to prioritize them according to their urgency and according to the time available.

Communication skills

I communicate my ideas clearly to my colleagues and I am open-minded. I am an effective listener and use positive language. I have no difficulty adapting to other people to make myself understood.