The customer experience is at the heart of everything you do and you are truly passionate about service. You know a lot about beers and cocktails, and want you customers to have a perfect drink, in line with 3 Brewers' standards. You like to make a difference for them and make sure that they have a good time from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave. You are a brand ambassador and work with your team to ensure that our customers have a great experience.

Your main responsibilities

- Provide an extraordinary customer experience at all times by applying the established standards

- Greet customers in a friendly manner and inquire about their needs

- Promote the brewer's tap, the beer of the moment or take the time to figure out what beers your guests may like

- Ensure the proper service of beer according to established standards

- Prepare cocktails and serve them according to established standards

- Prioritize the first drinks and prepare the drinks for the whole restaurant

- Ensure the cleanliness of the glasses and the bar

- Take charge of each stage of service by ensuring customer satisfaction, listening to their needs and taking action when necessary

- Create envy by proposing precise appetizers, main courses and desserts while proposing appetizing beer-meal combinations

- Take orders accurately, transmit them to the kitchen and ensure their follow-up

- Ensure the impeccable presentation of the dishes and their accuracy and serve them according to the established standards

- Set up tables according to established standards and ensure cleanliness before, during and after service.

- Promote programs, promotions and loyalty cards

- Advise customers in their choices in case of hesitation and offer them beer samples if needed

- Validate the distribution of invoices and make payments according to established standards

- Ensure the cleanliness of the work spaces and the restaurant

- Be visible and available to customers at all times

- Be a team player by supporting colleagues when necessary

Skills to succeed in your role

Communication skills

You communicate your ideas clearly and know how to adapt to your interlocutors in order to make yourself understood. You express yourself in a structured manner and it is easy for you to accurately describe the beers and food we offer. Since you work in a field that you are passionate about, it is easy for you to transmit your passion and desire to your customers.

Customer orientation

You always offer the best possible experience to your customers and direct each of your actions in this direction. You have a sincere desire to connect with your clients and provide them with a friendly experience that will make them want to come back. You are smiling, courteous and considerate of them. You make sure they never lack for anything and like to go the extra mile to give them the best. You truly consider yourself a brand ambassador.

Ability to multi-task

You understand that the environment in which you work is intense and that is why you have adopted many techniques to optimize your time. You have developed a sense of priority and urgency that allows you to organize your tasks in a way that makes them as efficient as possible. You make each of your trips as efficient as possible by completing as many tasks as you can while providing excellent customer service.


You understand that quality is in the details, so you pay close attention to every detail. You make sure that your customers' beers and cocktails are exceptional and that they meet all quality standards.

Ability to work as a team

You realize that your team is the strength of your restaurant and is a valuable asset to your work. You make sure to listen to them and ask for help when needed to ensure a great experience for our customers. You am a team player and want to help your colleagues as much as possible.